Mailing Lists

There are currently three separate mailing lists: The Newsletter, the Stock Alert, and [REDACTED]. Obviously, things are still a bit of a work in progress as preparations for [REDACTED] are made and the site is redone.

You can subscribe through this link - Simply check which mailing lists you want and hit subscribe! It'll send you an e-mail and you'll have to confirm subscription there. Be sure to check your spam inbox or other auto-sorted inboxes like Gmail has in case it's not in your regular one.


The Jolly Roller Newsletter is a once-a-month newsletter about, you guessed it, dice! And dice-adjacent things, gaming things, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. It will contain information on recent Resource articles, changes to the website, pictures of dice, new things I'm making, etc. It's a very broad e-mail item, and will only contain general overviews of things. Its purpose is not as an advertisement (We all know those "news"letters suck), but genuinely useful things. As such, it's not going to be an advertisement, although if I'm making a new product, it'll be included and talked about which may include things like costs.

Store Stock Alerts

This is for the dice goblins out there that need to know when something will be available. The Stock Alerts will go out when there is new stock heading to the shop, and will show all of the stock that will be available. While restocks are currently planned for a once-a-month timeframe, this might change depending on how quickly things sell out and what is available and a few other variables.



[REDACTED] subscriptions are not available at this time.

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