Handmade Dice Information

All of these dice are handmade dice, and that comes with some significant differences from your typical injection-molded dice that you'd get from, say, Chessex.

Handmade Dice

I strive for the best quality available for the dice I make, however there are some things that are impossible or impractical to avoid:

  • Imperfect Polishing. To prevent Repetitive Strain Injury from hand-polishing, almost the entirety of my polishing process is done via a vibratory tumbler. In this tumbler, small cubes of wood are coated with a polishing compound, the dice are added, and the whole thing is vibrated until the dice are polished. Generally, this is about 24-48 hours, although each set is inspected to make sure it's fully polished before it's removed from the tumbler and cleaned. This gets to a very nice, but not perfect, level of polish, and there may be minor blemishes or scratches on the surface of the dice from this process. This process does not significantly round the edges, although the corners are not quite as painfully sharp.
  • Color Differences and Layer Effects. On some dice - particularly some of the 50mm D20s - the resin must be poured in layers. Each of these layers is resin that is mixed at a separate time, which may lead to slight differences of color when attempting to make the same color. It may also lead to slight distortion, visible on close inspection, where the layers meet each other.
  • Small Interior Bubbles. While a pressure pot is used and does an extremely good job in reducing bubbles, it's not 100% perfect. Occasionally, dice will have one or more small bubbles, wholly contained within the die. Dice with surface bubbles don't polish or ink well, and will not be sold. Interior bubbles are more common with larger dice, but may appear in smaller sizes as well.
  • Imperfect Edges or Corners. My molds are two-part molds that have a sprue. This requires removal of that sprue and of the flashing that appears around where the two parts of the mold come together. These may leave small marks on the dice that are impossible to remove without destroying the numbering on the dice or their shape. Similarly, some corners might not be perfectly exact due to this cleanup process.

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