As the title implies, this page covers common questions, and will be updated when needed. They have been divided into categories for your convenience.

Last updated: September 24, 2020

Dice Buying Questions

Where can I buy your dice?

The place to go is The Gaming Geeks! I'm in the process of re-doing how things work, though, and shifting from made-to-order dice to a stock system.

How much do dice cost?

It depends on what's in them, how many dice are in the set, what type of set they are, etc. Obviously there's a lot of variation from set to set, but I try to stick to a general range for set types. Prices for future dice are still being determined at this time.

Will special dice (Singles, Uninked, etc) be available?

Sure, eventually! While my focus is on making sets because I like things to be complete, occasionally I'll have partial sets, or sets that I don't want to finish, or something. These will go into the store alongside the other dice, and as above their prices will vary.

Dice Mold Questions

Do you make your own molds?

Yes! I use a silicone mold setup that's fairly common among dicemakers.

Do you sell your molds?

No. Making molds is somewhat time consuming and bothersome. While this might be something I do in the future as I get processes streamlined and easier, I won't be selling molds anytime soon.

Where do you get your masters from?

I bought mine from The Blue Mimic (Twitter link and Etsy link). The Blue Mimic is in no way cheap, but the service is incredible, they're great quality, and the people are wonderful. 

Do you do commissions?

No. But maybe. I'm not going to do, say, "A hobgoblin in a barrel floating down a river" because quite frankly, that involves a lot of skills I just don't have, along with resources, time, and materials that I also don't have. I can do more loose things, like a color pallete, or even something along the lines of "You did a set of dice like this, can you tweak it?"

Any custom dice also have to fit into my dicemaking schedule, and if I am super busy or won't be able to get to it in a reasonable timeframe, I'm going to decline.

If you're still interested, feel free to send me an e-mail and ask about it! Remember, the more information you can provide on what you want, the better!


Dice Questions

What are Triple-Four Dice?

We use Triple-Four dice instead of a traditional D4. They're one of my favorite types of dice, for a few reasons. The traditional D4 is, in contrast, my least favorite. They don't roll well. They're much harder to read than normal dice. And, something that is made even worse by sharp edged dice, they are very painful to step on or otherwise injure yourself with. They will take any opportunity to stab you.

The Triple-Four is a different beast entirely. It takes the familiar shape of a D12 and, instead of numbering it from 1 to 12, numbers it from 1 to 4 three times, hence the name. They roll better, are easy to read, and while I won't say they are comfortable to step on, they're not caltrops.

Every one of our sets comes with a Triple-Four D4 instead of the traditional one. To reduce confusion between it and the standard D12, all numbers on our triple-four are underlined, while the D12 uses a dot to denote the 6 and 9 sides.

What are the dice made out of?

The dice are made with an epoxy resin, and are quite hard. Coloring and other items, called inclusions, are added either during the mixing process or during the pouring process.

Are you going to sell candy dice?

This is a very emphatic and hard NO.

While the name and style of logo for Jolly Roller are a play off of candy, making and selling candy dice involves a lot more. The molds need to be made from a food-grade silicone, which has been cast from food-safe masters. Casting the candy itself is a pain, and standard methods for cleaning, polishing, and inking simply don't work. Beyond that, selling food is a complex undertaking that I don't want to worry about, and that doesn't even include things such as shipping.

Can you teach me how to make dice?


While I am not going to go on camera and make a YouTube channel as that takes time, equipment, and skills I don't have - and also puts me in front of a camera which I despise, I am working on a Resources page. This will describe things like how to set up a pressure pot, what resins I use, how to polish dice, etc. And yes, there will be pictures.

If you're looking for videos, I cannot understate how useful I found Rybonator on YouTube when I was starting. I used his methods and videos to create a blueprint for my own methodology, and it helped a lot. He also has a Discord Server that's full of useful and helpful people.

How balanced are the dice?

My official answer is "Good enough." That is, good enough for casual use. If this satisfies you, great! If not, read on.

Jolly Roller dice are handmade. The masters are hand-sanded and hand-polished, the molds are handmade, then the dice are hand-cast and hand-cleaned before being polished. The plus side to this is that sides are only sanded and polished as much as that individual face needs. The downside is that humans are not machines. These dice won't reach the mechanical precision of, say, casino dice. 

On the other hand, they are not unbalanced. Inclusions are going to be things that won't affect the balance of the dice - Plastics, resins, and similar materials used as inclusions are going to be virtually the same density as the resin used for the dice, and other inclusions simply aren't used in a significant enough quantity, and are often spread evenly through the dice so it doesn't matter.

They're good enough for use in casual gaming, and that's good enough for me.

Contact and Social Media

What is the most reliable way to contact you?

Through e-mail at jollyrollerdice@gmail.com. If you have a question that you need answered, send an e-mail!

What social media platforms are you on?

I have an Instragram and a Twitter, both with the username JollyRollerDice.

I have no plans to expand onto Facebook, as the reach of that platform for my things in the past was incredibly small and the tools were terrible and hard to deal with. It's quite simply not worth the effort. Similarly, I have no plans on expanding to any other social platform.

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